„It was very relaxing. I didn´t even manage to try all outdoor and indoor pools.“ Alžbetka, 21st June 2016

In Aquapark Tatralandia, there are 14 pools with salt, thermal and clear water. 10 outdoor and indoor pools are opened all year round so one can enjoy water fun here in every season of the year. The water temperature reaches 40° C, which boost blood circulation in the whole body and metabolism. Due to the composition and chemical properties, the water of Tatralandia has beneficial effects on the locomotive and respiratory systems. Pools with sea water are ideal for thalassotherapy – medical use of sea water. It has disinfection effects, which has a positive influence on the nervous system, helps treat skin problems, insomnia and tiredness. What´s more, it can be very helpful when fighting against cellulite and overweight.

Tatralandia offers:

  • 3 outdoor pools with clear water
  • 2 outdoor thermal pools
  • 2 heated indoor pools with sea water
  • 5 indoor pool with clear water.

Individual pools feature various attractions such as water swings, artificial rain, water geysers, water beds, fountains, water jets and streams, an underwater aquarium and pool lights.

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