Tropical Paradise

„A real paradise in Slovakia, I didn´t expect anything like that...” Zuzana, 8th July 2016

How about enjoying tropical summer all around the year? Come to a new Tropical Paradise in the region of Liptov and treat yourself to relaxation and fun like on the Caribbean beaches – in all seasons of the year.

The dominating attraction of the Tropical Paradise is a wrecked ship which separates the relaxation and water zone. Next to the ship, there is a snorkelling pool with a beautiful underwater world where one can watch real corals, seashells, anemones and various colourful fishes. A legendary pirate treasure lies on the bottom so you can search for it along with your children.

And after exciting moments in the water world, treat yourself to pleasant water therapy in four heated pools with clear and salt water. The tropical temperature of 34 – 36° C will warm you up in all weathers. Enjoy pleasant relaxation and peace on water beds and massage jets or try a new water path that helps massage and relax your feet. Two pools with salt water contain residues of ancient sea water from distant past, which has beneficial effects on the whole body. Especially people who suffer respiratory, skin and inflammation problems like our healing water.

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Hotel v zime

A real Tropical Paradise must bath in sunrays! A special transparent roof over the area lets sunrays through,which enables our visitors get a nice bronze suntan even in freezing temperatures. Constant temperature of 30° C and several metre high real palm trees create a flawless holiday atmosphere. And if you feel too warm, cool yourself with an exotic drink in the Barbados bar, which is located under the water surface on the boundary between all pools. This means you can enjoy a sip right in the pool or on a comfortable sun bed.

Only the Tropical Paradise guarantees tropical summer all year round...

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