Summer at Tatralandia

Enjoy a summer holiday near water park and tourist trails where our staff, high quality services and unforgettable moments guarantee you will feel like at home with us.

Ľudmila Buvalová
Hotel Manager
One can say anything about working in the hotel industry but definitely not call it monotonous. In our unique resort we do our best so that our guests experience unforgettable moments with us and feel that in every detail, there is a bit of hearts of those who are there for them, who care for them. It is simply fantastic and indescribable to see happy children every day, with glimmer and curiosity in their eyes when they cannot wait to enjoy a new adventure in Tatralandia. This is the energy that is essential for us. These smiling faces are the best reward for us.

pohodlie v hoteli

Feel at home with us

Home is not a place, home is a feeling. And with us, you will feel like at home.

  • Pleasant environment with an ideal location for unforgettable moments
  • Flawless comfort and privacy in cosy cottages
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Unforgettable moments on the doorstep of your cottage